Mzumbe University (MU; Swahili: Chuo Kikuu Mzumbe) is a public university in Mzumbe, Tanzania, near Morogoro. It was established in 2001.

Academic units

Below are the academic units and their acronyms in brackets respectively;

  1. School of Business (SoB)
  2. School of Public Administration and Management (SoPAM)
  3. Faculty of Law (FoL)
  4. Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)
  5. Faculty of Science and Technology (FST)
  6. Institute of Development Studies (IDS)
  7. Directorate of Research, Publications and Postgraduate Studies (DRPS)

Find list of applicants  selected  to join various undergraduate programmes at Mzumbe University in 2021/2022 Academic year.

Note that This is the second round of selections. 

Other selected candidates for all Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor Degree programmes will be published in other coming rounds.

Also note that for Bachelor degree  applicants with multiple selection, MUST confirm to join Mzumbe University using confirmation codes sent through their phones number and emails.

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